When having had injuries with ankle or foot, people tend to think of crutches as for their support to walk around. However, many have experienced bad difficulties using crutch during their recovery time. Actually, things are a lot easier when you know there are plenty of alternatives available. One of them is to instead go for the knee walkers or knee scooters. According to user experience, knee walkers are the far way solution to freedom of moving during the recovering time. In this, to get a knee walker, there are two ways you can act. One is to go for the knee walker rental, and the others is to go look for the best knee walker and buy.

Just to add more of related walkers which could also be a need, Best Medical Walkers, Best Rollator Walkers, Best Platform Walkers, and Best Knee Crutches are brought for review at the bottom.

Things to Consider When Selecting the Best Knee Walker

Buy Vs Rent

Though there are knee scooter rental options available, with certain suppliers, the rental fee is said to be crazily expensive that buying it is a smarter decision. To decide well for this, you would need to check out the available suppliers in your location and see if you will spend less to rent, within the time you need it. On the other hand, either you are going to buy or to rent, you will still have to pick up the best possible knee walker since it has a lot to do with your comfort, safety and control over the knee walker during your use. The below guides may help you greatly.


For the rental fee, it varies based on the suppliers, and there are often different suppliers in locations. The best choice is to search for the one around your area and make a call or email to inquiries all the questions you may have related to the condition, price or policy.

Instead, if you decide to buy one, you could go out and check the knee walkers in the store. Or, you can just simply order it online. A few interesting designs are recommended below. However, for pricing, the price range could be between 100 dollars to a few hundred dollars, depending on the brand and models you are looking for.


The most important usefulness of a knee walker is to offer support for the movement either around the house or outdoor. However, it will have to, at the same time, high safety for use. The best knee walkers would have built in features to protect you in many cases such as the handbrake. What that is most recommended is to go through all the features in a knee walker you might be interested in and see if enough of them have been dedicated to earning the best safety to use.

Easy Mobility and Service

Of course, when one is having problems with their leg or ankle, we lost freedom to move like we want. That is the point we need the knee walker to help. Thus, the knee walker has to solve the problem by making the mobility the easiest possible for users. This comes to the comfort and maneuverability of the knee walker. Good design knee walker has ergonomic designed handlebars, good adjustability in both the bar and seat, smooth turning around as well as handbrake for effective control of the speed. It is extremely important to how well a knee walker to perform for your mobility before buying it.

Service is another criterion to have a look at. Certain knee walker suppliers have more friendly service than others. That includes the insurance and help when users run into problem either it is about the assembling, walking or fixing. Of course, according to some reviews from customers, they have received damaged knee walker through their shipping. Good suppliers will be happy to accept the return and send you new good one.

Key Features to Consider in a Knee Walker

To see a knee walker in details, we have to look at the important features in a knee walker, and they are frame, foldability, wheels and tires, seat, brake, and accessories. These are important and necessary features you will need to examine closely to make sure your selected knee walker is the best one to support your move.

First of all, the durability of the frame of the knee walker is quite important. Mostly, the knee walker frame is made knee walkerfrom aluminum as the material because it is strong, durable and light, at the same time. There might be other materials used, however. Then, whatever it is made from, you have to make sure that it could serve those durability, lightweight and strength criteria.

Foldability is another area to check out. Actually, foldable design of a knee walker is for storage and transport reason. There will be time you want to store it away or bring it with you on the car. Thus, having it foldable, it is a lot easy to have the knee walker with you. As well, another two important features to look at are the wheels and seat pad. Many knee walkers have their seats designed extremely ergonomic and adjustable. That is to ensure comfort and safety stick of your knee to the pad during the ride.
Regarding the wheels, the bigger, the better. Normally, the knee walkers that are designed for indoor and outdoor use, its front wheels are made about 7.5 or 8 inch. The size ensures smooth rolling on different surfaces. Even more, a good knee walker makes its front wheel steerable. It thus could allow smooth and convenient turn.

The other two features you should not miss also are the brakes and accessory. Brake is an important part to allow effective control over the knee walker, and it is a big safety issue. Good brake let users control the speed of their knee walker well, and that could prevent them from falling down in some cases. Likewise, you might need certain accessories such as basket to have in the front of the knee walker. Many models have it ready to serve.

Top 3 Best Knee Walkers with Seats

1.Drive Medical DV8 Aluminum Steerable Knee Walker Crutch Alternative

Regarding the best knee walkers available, Drive Medical DV8 would be an interesting design you could not miss to consider. This knee walker is made steerable, and it is a brilliant alternative to crutch. Drive medical DV8 knee walker is actually the best selling knee walker, and it is many special features that have brought it to the level of satisfaction. Besides having a nice design, this knee walker is great for its maneuverability with steerable front wheels. Also, the front wheels are made foldable to make it easy for storing and transporting. Moreover, the seat and handle are nicely adjustable.

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2.Steerable Knee Scooter Knee Walker Broken Leg Scooter Crutches Alternative

Second option you are likely to feel good about is this knee scooter. Of course, like the first design, this knee scooter is steerable to increase the easy movement. Many users have also expressed good satisfaction about its stability and convenient control when it comes to the actual riding experience of them. Even more useful, the knee scooter has its 7.5 inch front wheels. That is to make it moves smart and smooth on different surfaces. As a result, this knee scooter could be perfectly used indoor and outdoor. The basket is additionally included.

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3.Deluxe Steerable Knee Walker Knee Scooter Knee Cycle Leg Walker Crutch Alternative

Last choice as also one of the best knee walkers is the Deluxe Steerable design. This is another advanced knee walker built for maximum stability and easy control. The Deluxe knee walker has had many features to make itself very effective in supporting the movement of those with ankle and foot injuries. For one, not available in many, this features the tie-rod steering mechanism as well as the locking handbrake. These features are for smooth movement and safety. As well, the knee platform and handlebars could be easily adjusted to fix the right position of individual.

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Top 3 Best Rollator Walkers

1.Drive Medical Four Wheel Rollator with Fold Up Removable Back Support, Red

Drive Medical is an awesome brand, offering many high quality walkers on the market. Again, for the best rollator walkers, this first recommended choice is the Drive Medical Four Wheel Rollator. This is a smart design with so much of the popularity so far. First of all, the design features the soft and durable seat with pad while for the padded backrest, it is made foldable up and down easily. For its front wheels, it is the 7.5 inch caster, and this ensures good movement indoor and outdoor. At the same time, it also has a handbrake built on the handlebars at both sides for safety reason.

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2.Drive Medical Aluminum Rollator Walker Fold Up and Removable Back Support

Another rollator walker to suggest is the Drive Medical Aluminum Rollator. This is the top rated rolling walker. Among over 1000 reviews, it gets rated 4.5 stars. That is overwhelm satisfaction from the users. On the other hand, it has brilliant features to make itself so. At the same time that it features the nicely made and comfortable seat, there is the underneath pouch for keeping and storing things in during the ride. Also, the padded backrest added could be removed, hinged, folded up and down easily. For the handles, they are made ergonomic and with the handbrake to control the sleep of the rollator. For front casters, they are 7.5 inch, big enough to roll well in and outdoor.

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3.Hugo Elite Rollator Walker with Seat, Backrest and Saddle Bag, Blue

The last rollator walker you might also be interested is the Hugo Elite Rollator walker with seat. This is a very design rollator for look, easy control, smooth rolling and high safety. As you could see in the picture, the rollator walker has a nice design in handsome posture while it features 2 inch seat with cushion backrest, making it a comfortable place to sit on and relax. In addition, there are bag underneath the seat as well as the added saddle bag to attach, making carrying things with easy for users. For the ergonomic handlebars of the rollator, it has helped a lot for easy control along with the handbrake. Lastly, it features the 8 inch wheels, and that is for good reliability in stability.

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Top 3 Best Knee Crutches

1.Freedom Crutch – Padded Knee Rest, Attaches to Standard Crutches for Hands Free Mobility

Instead when it comes to knee crutches, this Freedom Crutch is the one to recommend. It does help a lot for those who need to walk during their recovering from foot injury. It is designed convenient and easily stowable to use. Also, it features the nicely made platform which offers smart support to the knee and upper leg. In case you want more freedom during your rehabilitation, this crutch is among the best options for you.

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2.Hugo Mobility 721-785 Hugo Lightweight Adjustable Aluminum Crutches

Hugo Mobility has also had a nice crutch to offer. This crutch design is made from aluminum which is strong but light in weight while it could support up to 300 lbs. Of course, it is a better alternative to the wood crutch. This recommended Hugo crutch is medium size for adult, and it works best for users between 5′ 2″ to 5′ 10″. For the adjustment, there is the dual push-button to help. As well for exceptional traction, it has a stair deflector in the tip. That is a feature for safety, indeed. Instead for comfort, it comes with the underarm pads which are cushioned soft. Lastly, the hand grips are easily washable.

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3.iWALK2.0 Hands Free Crutch

The last crutch to see is this iWALK2.0 hand free design. This is another crutch alternative with good stability as well as superior comfort. It is safe, stable, and very easy to use when it comes to knee and leg support. In that, there is a strap with quick release feature to enable on and off the easiest for users. It, as well, offers way better freedom to patients with both hands free. The item is as we the best selling hands free crutch available. It works great to serve leg injury patients, and it does not cost too much to afford this.

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Top 3 Best Medical Walkers

1.Deluxe Two Button Folding Walker with 5″ Wheels

Deluxe Folding Walker is a smart medical walker to look around if needing for one. This medical walker features 5 inch wheels in the front. That is to enable smooth and powerful rolling on different surfaces, and it also comes with a nice hand grip to add extra comfort when walking with this walker. Also, both wheels operate independently, and this makes moving easy and smooth even in narrow spaces. The whole design of this medical walker as well assures very good stability for users while standing. There are additionally the push buttons which are easily accessible by palms or fingers. For strength and durability, this design is almost perfect. It has the aluminum construction which is strong and light.

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2.Drive Medical Trigger Release Folding Walker, Brushed Steel

Next to also consider is the Drive Medical Folding Walker. This is a nice design as a medical walker, and it has so many useful features that are built in. First of all, it is designed with the soft hand grip for comfort reason, and its overall construction is made strong and durable with the 1 inch diameter aluminum. That is strength and stability in one. As well, it has the rear glide caps and covers which allows this medical walker to roll very well on different surfaces. Lastly, it has the trigger release which functions well to close the walker easily for users.

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3.Ez2care Comfy Lightweight Handle Classic Folding Walker

As well very popular, this is the Ez2care which is a folding medical walker that works smart for the support. It has a comfy design with light weight while the overall construction is strong and durable by its anodized aluminum material. Thus, extreme safety comes along. For easy extending and folding, there are added two push buttons attached, and it is accessible by finger or palms. To add even more confidence to the next level, the medical walker features 4 rubber tips to make it slip resistant. For the height adjustment, it could be done between 32 and 39 inch.

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Top 3 Best Platform Walkers

1.Lumex 6132A Platform Walker Attachment

For platform walker, Lumex Walker Attachment is one of the best choices available. This simply has a very nice design, and it, importantly, is effective in terms of serving the patients to walk with good stability, convenience and comfort. Mainly, the platform walker is made from aluminum. That makes the structure light, strong and durable. Also, it features the ergonomic armrests with the adjustable handgrips. Actually, the platform walker is made for easy installation without needing any tools while the adjustments would make it fit to most users. If that is the best platform walker you are to look for, this is the one to not overlook.

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2.Wenzelite Forearm Platforms for all Wenzelite Posterior and Anterior Safety Rollor and Gait Trainers

Second best option to check out about the best platform walker is the Wenzelite Walker. This is such a superior design as you could witness, and it interestingly has so many features to serve either for the safety, comfort and convenient use. The design has ergonomic handgrips that could be extendable to and backward with angle adjustment. For depth and height, they are easily adjustable separately by each side. For the overall structure, they are the lightweight aluminum as the material. Additionally, it has the contoured, flexible-edge armrest to eject more comfort to the user experience, using the platform walker. Lastly for safety reason, it has the straps which are made highly slip resistant.

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3.Mabis Dmi Healthcare Walker Platform Attachment, Silver, One

Mabis Dmi Healthcare Walker is doubtlessly another recommended design offering reliable performance, and it could be seen by the overwhelm customer satisfaction over the walker. However, behind this, there are great features that it bears. The platform walker is simply designed for simply look, but it has very durable and strong structure by its lightweight aluminum material. As well, it has grip handles which are made easily adjustable for easy use. In the meantime, this option is quite affordable to bring one home.

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